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Can I place a single advertisement in your community magazines?

While it’s possible, we don’t recommend it unless you have a specific promotional event in mind.

Why is this not recommended?

This is because advertising doesn’t yield instant results, even though we wish it did.

Our experienced clients advise that the best outcomes are achieved through continuous advertising for a duration of 6 to 12 months.

The key to success lies in the frequency of exposure, which ensures a return on your investment. On average, potential customers need to encounter your advertisement at least three times or more before they develop trust and commit to purchasing your product or service.

A single advertisement alone won’t have a substantial impact on growing your brand or boosting your sales.

How should I decide which magazine to place my advertisement in?
We’re here to provide guidance on selecting the most suitable magazine for your business. With years of experience, we possess an in-depth understanding of our circulation area, including which types of businesses thrive in each magazine. For more detailed information to assist you in making an informed choice, we recommend referring to our Media Pack, which contains valuable demographic insights.
How can I be certain that the magazines are being delivered?
That’s an excellent question! We have a dedicated distribution team consisting of approximately 48 individuals responsible for delivering our 23,000+ magazines every month. All of our team members are local living in the areas they serve. We meticulously select our team members and, for the younger distributors, ensure that their parents or guardians are available to assist if necessary.

Each of our distributors employs a GPS tracker app, which records a time-stamped history of each residence they visit. This app is a crucial part of our commitment to providing our advertisers with the utmost assurance and a guarantee that each copy is genuinely hand-delivered to every household.

Upon the completion of a delivery round, a member of our administrative team receives a notification. We thoroughly review the round to confirm its completion and promptly compensate the distributor for their work. This process ensures the transparency and reliability of our magazine distribution.

What if I don't have my own artwork for the advertisement?
Not to worry, it’s not a problem at all. In fact, we prefer this approach unless you’ve specifically engaged a marketing agency to create your artwork.

Our professional in-house design studio is at your service, and we can craft unique, attention-grabbing advertisements and advertorials tailored to your preferences. The best part? Your first advertisement is entirely FREE OF CHARGE.

We are committed to the success of your advertising campaign, and that’s why there is no initial design cost. Additionally, should you wish to make changes to your advertisement on a monthly basis, a small fee will be incurred for our designers’ time.

So, if you don’t have your own artwork, there’s no need to worry. We’ve got you covered with our design services.

What if I'm new to advertising and don't receive any phone calls from my ads?
It’s important to note that advertising doesn’t yield instant results and requires some patience. On average, potential customers need to encounter your advertisement three or more times before they develop the trust and commitment to make a purchase.

Many of our experienced clients wisely allocate their advertising budget by consistently promoting their businesses over an extended period, often six months or more. At times, this means they choose smaller ad sizes to maintain a presence in the magazine for a longer duration.

In the realm of advertising, it’s not the size of your ad but the frequency that holds the key to success. Like many good things in life, advertising also takes time to yield its full benefits. We cannot emphasize this enough.

Aren't these magazines typically filled with advertisements?
While that may be true for some publications, it’s not the case with ours!

We take great pride in maintaining a high content-to-advertising ratio. Each issue of our magazines is thoughtfully curated with a wealth of original content. This content includes topical and relevant articles that span a wide range of subjects, as well as valuable features that make our magazines worth keeping. You can expect to find local What’s On Guides, extensive listings of local Clubs & Classes, useful telephone numbers, and much more. All of this content is exclusively crafted for us by our team of local expert guest contributors.

Our motto encapsulates our commitment: “Written by the Community, for the Local Community.” We gather and share more local information than any other media company, ensuring that our magazines are a valuable resource for our readers.

Can I submit a feature for your magazine?

Certainly, we welcome feature submissions for consideration, especially if they are relevant to the local community and space availability, as our magazine has limited space.

Is there a cost for editorial content?

No, we do not charge for editorial content. Our primary consideration is relevance to the local community and available space in the magazine.

What if I want to include a promotional piece?

If you’d like to include a promotional piece resembling a ‘sales pitch,’ you have the option to book an advertorial. The cost of an advertorial is the same as placing an advertisement of similar size, and we add the words ‘Advertising Feature’ to clearly indicate to our readers that it is paid content.

I believe there are more affordable publications available.
It’s true that there’s always someone willing to offer a lower price – a concept well-known to every business owner.

While some other media companies may initially appear to be less expensive, it’s essential to consider the cost per 1000 printed copies. When you calculate the cost of your advertisement, divide it by the number of copies printed and distributed, and then multiply it by 1000, you might find that we are exceptionally competitive. In fact, we often outshine the competition in this regard. Knowing how many copies are printed and delivered for your investment is crucial in evaluating the true value.

We have been proudly serving the local community since 2009, and over the years, we’ve cultivated a dedicated and faithful readership. Our readers eagerly anticipate the arrival of our ‘Eye Mags’ in their mailboxes each month, taking the time to savour the content cover-to-cover with a hot drink in hand. We have become an integral part of the local community.

The trust our readers place in us extends to the advertisements they encounter, resulting in tangible benefits for our advertisers.

Where are your magazines distributed?

Each month, we deliver Christchurch Eye, Highcliffe Eye, and Southbourne Eye to a total of 21,500 homes, ensuring comprehensive coverage of these areas.

Additionally, 1,500 copies are made available for pickup at numerous convenient locations. You can find these copies at the local tourism office, various retail shops, newsagents, farm shops, coffee shops, garden centres, hairdressers, hotels, and restaurants.

For a detailed overview of the extensive coverage in each area for each of our titles, we encourage you to review our Media Pack.

Can I switch between your magazines?

Absolutely! In fact, many of our long-term customers choose to allocate their budget to alternate between our magazines. This strategic approach provides them with maximum exposure within their chosen timeframe.

I represent a charitable organization. Do you offer any discounts?
As a local community magazine, we take great pleasure in supporting and promoting local charities, community councils, clubs, organizations, and more to the fullest extent possible. We view ourselves as an excellent platform for spreading your message to a broad local audience.

For events that we feature in our ‘What’s on Guide,’ there are no charges.

To explore how we can assist you, please reach out to Cheryl. You can contact her at Tel: 01202 477214 or via email at to discuss potential discounts on advertisements.

Is social media the most effective advertising platform these days?
Selecting the optimal advertising platform depends on your specific goals. For some, platforms like social media and Google ads offer the advantage of delivering quick responses and results. However, other businesses may find that print advertisements hold unique value. One key benefit of print advertising is that it provides consumers with a tangible and emotive experience.

It’s worth noting that most social media users are under the age of 30, which means it primarily targets a relatively narrow age bracket. The question to consider is whether this age group aligns with your target audience. In contrast, print media can reach a broader demographic, as magazines are accessible to a wide range of readers.

If your budget allows, a strategic approach may involve utilizing both formats to increase traffic and expand your company’s reach. The crucial step is defining your target audience and tailoring your advertising strategy accordingly.

Is it possible to negotiate the price?
Our pricing is already competitive, and we offer automatic discounts based on the duration of your advertising commitment. However, we’re pleased to extend an additional 5% discount if you choose to pay upfront for the entire duration of your booking.
I want to promote my fitness class. What's the cost?
Promoting your local event, class, or course on our website is absolutely FREE. You can easily add your listing yourself.

Just go to the ‘What’s On’ section, click the green ‘SUBMIT EVENT’ button, and provide the necessary details. Every month, we select a range of these local events and classes to feature in our magazines.

What is the payment process for my advertising plan?
To initiate your advertising plan and enjoy the long-term discounted rate, we collect payment for your first advertisement when you make the booking. Subsequently, payments will be automatically processed each month for the duration of your advertising with us. It’s a straightforward and convenient process, as we handle all the details for you.

We also offer alternative payment methods, such as bank transfers and credit cards, for your convenience.

What are the monthly copy deadlines for each edition in 2024?

Please note that these deadlines are for final artwork submissions and do not apply to editorial content. If you require us to create your artwork, we will need your project brief at least one week before the deadlines mentioned below. The earlier we receive your brief, the more time our professional design team can dedicate to your advertisement.

December ’23 – Deadline: November 8
January – Deadline: December 6
February – Deadline: January 10
March – Deadline: February 7
April – Deadline: March 6
May – Deadline: April 10
June – Deadline: May 8
July – Deadline: June 5
August – Deadline: July 10
September – Deadline: August 7
October – Deadline: September 11
November – Deadline: October 9
December – Deadline: November 6

How do I book?

You can either gives us a call on 01202 477214 or email Cheryl at, alternatively you can now book online via our website

It’s really nice to be associated with the Local Eye Magazine and to advertise with a truly local publication. The staff are always friendly and helpful and this is our fifth consecutive year of advertising with them.

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